Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from the deck to the substructure and foundations. In highway bridge bearings movements are accommodated by the basic mechanisms of internal deformation (elastomeric), sliding (PTFE), or rolling. A large variety of bearings have evolved using various combinations of these mechanisms.

RB series of bridge bearings are produced in strict accordance with professional standards of the Ministry of Transport Plate Type Elastomeric Pad Bearings for Highway Bridges (JT/T4-2004), Series of Elastomeric Pad Bearings for Highway Bridges (JT/T 663-2006), Pot Bearings for Highway Bridges (JT/T 391-2009) and China national standard Spherical Bearings for Bridges (GB/T 17955-2009).The bearings consist of selected steel and rubber in a complicated process and with high quality. It includes: plate type elastomeric pad bearings, pot bearings, spherical bearings, damping pot bearings, multi-functional pot type and spherical bearings.