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RB Waterproof Coating


RB Waterproof Coating

RB series waterproof coating for road and bridge is a kind of high-quality elastic coating with good waterproof performance and impermeability, which is made by taking imported asphalt as base material, mixing with macromolecule polymer emulsion and multiple auxiliary reagents.


Main technical indices can meet waterproof design requirements for major bridge, viaduct and bridge floor, which effectively prevent structure damage caused by moisture and vapor penetration and prolong service life of road and bridge. Therefore, it is the ideal waterproof coating for bridge floor.


Main Features:
1. Toxin-free, odorless, pollution-free;
2. Strong cohesion, ductility and shearing resistance; good waterproof performance; if road or bridge surface has crack less than 2mm, waterproof coating film can't be torn and ensure waterproof requirement;
3. Excellent thermal and low-temperature resistance; service temperature of -15℃~35℃; no affect on long-term service performance after being exposed to asphalt and concrete with paving temperature about 150℃;
4. This waterproofing material has both excellent waterproof performance and stress absorbing and noise absorbing performance;
5. Anticorrosion, good durability and over ten-year service life;
6. Available for cold construction on damp substrate, convenient, safe, available for spray and knife coating, reliable waterproof quality and easy maintenance.


It is widely used in waterproof projects such as highway and bridge, urban viaduct, railway bridge, bridge culvert, road surface, connection of asphalt concrete in case of road repair; water, penetration and corrosion prevention of bedding, underground passage, tunnel and cave; waterproof and damp-proof projects of wall surface.