Bridge bearings are devices for transferring loads and movements from the deck to the substructure and foundations. In highway bridge bearings movements are accommodated by the basic mechanisms of internal deformation (elastomeric), sliding (PTFE), or rolling. A large variety of bearings have evolved using various combinations of these mechanisms.



RB Series of Pot Type Bearings

RB series of pot type bearings are composed of upper pressure pad, stainless steel plate, base plate, PTFE sliding plate, intermediate steel plate, rubber seal and rubber plate. The operation principle of pot rubber bearing is to use the property of elastic rubber block in a semi-closed steel pan chamber that the elastic rubber possesses a nature of fluid when in the state of bearing in three directions to achieve the actuation of the upper structure while the low friction modulus between the PTFE panel on the intermediate steel plate and the stainless steel plate upper seat is utilized to achieve the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.


With light weight, simple structure, easy installation and low price, RB series of pot bearings can offer great vertical loading capacity and horizontal displacement capacity, compared with other products, RB pot bearings are ideal choice for large span bridge. The load bearing capacity is from 0.8 to 60MN.


RB pot bearings are produced strictly in accordance with professional standard of the Ministry of Transport The Pot Type Bearings for Highway Bridges (JT/T 391-2009).


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