2014.09.05|Roaby Held the 5th Mid-autumn Evening Party

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On September 2ndthe 5th mid-autumn evening party was held in the basketball field.

The party started with a passionate folk dance ”Arirang”, dancers used fans beautifully. The party was filled with so many brilliant performances. In the opusculum “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” and dance “ Four Swans”, boys acted as girls which attracted audience at first sight and brought a lot of laughters.  “Red Rose” and “Spring Blossoms” were two love songs and audience were intoxicated in the soulful singing. A special guest’s appearance made everyone cheerful, she was a little girl but very good at dancing. The most moving performance is “ A story in waiting hall”, the performers acted so professionally regardless of pouring rain. Vivid and creative plot brought applauses again and again. Though it rained heavily, everyone watched the show carefully. Just as a saying “ Feng Yu Tongzhou” in China, we understand the meaning and strength of unity deeply.

The second part of evening party was held on September 3rd very smoothly. Though we got wet on the previous day, our enthusiasm is still very strong. “Bravity in my heart” started the party and a lot of fantastic shows followed. Opusculum “ I want to act on mid-autumn evening party” is a comedy and audience appreciated different talents . “Small Apple” dance brought party to a climax and made everyone want to dance together. Last show is an Yueju opera ” The west lake landscape still remains”, audiences were brought to the West Lake.

At last, we sang “A loving family” together. Wonderful price and beautiful experience made a perfect ending to the part.


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