For nearly 20 years, Roaby has provided bridge expansion joints, bridge bearings and other traffic safety facilities and services for our clients all over the country. Today, our products are playing a vital role in large-scale bridges and expressways around China.


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Chongqing Huanhuayuan Bridge was completed at the end of 1999. It is the transport hub linking Chongqing Yuzhong District and Jiangbei District. It adopted a modular expansion joint imported from the United States. Within less than two years, the expansion joints gradually deteriorated and had to go through a complete replacement in 2004. Thus, bridge management departments made several selections from Germany and Swiss products. Later, a Swiss manufacturer was allowed to replace two expansion joints in straight bridge but was unable to deal with expansion joint in D ramp, which has the same 560mm movement capacity with the former one but with serious damage.


D ramp expansion joint lies between the ramp and the main bridge. Ramp side is cantilever structure, girder end (expansion joint side) will sink several centimeters when vehicles passing it. Thus the expansion joints should be good resistance to vertical rotational performance, which is the weakness of traditional modular products. According to the message from management department, almost all international giants inspected the site but were unable to provide appropriate technical solutions. At last, steel plates were temporarily paved on the deck. There are great safety risks as it cannot be effectively repaired after damage. Meanwhile, there is light rail passing underneath it, which raises necessities for replacement.


In 2005, the bridge management departments were informed of RB finger joint and its outstanding performances. They trusted us to solve the technical problems. We customized joint product for the bridge. The D ramp resumes normal function after installation and has been working well ever since and ensured traffic security.