For nearly 20 years, Roaby has provided bridge expansion joints, bridge bearings and other traffic safety facilities and services for our clients all over the country. Today, our products are playing a vital role in large-scale bridges and expressways around China.

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Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge was completed at the end of 2009. It is the longest highway and rail transit bridge in the world, and also is the main artery for south-north traffic in China. It"s composed of a 7675m long railway and a 4460m long highway, with the main bridge of 1806m.


Train will cause strong vibration and torsion to the girder of the bridge. Thus, bridge expansion joints should not only have a good stretching ability, but also be anti-seismic and flexible in multi-directional displacement. The bridge had endured two complete replacements and been repaired and reinforced for countless times since it was imported 13 years ago on former bridge joint product, but it has limited effect. Frequent traffic accidents constantly tortured all staffs from the government officials to maintenance workers in transportation system of Jiangxi Province.


In May 2004, over 30 experts were convened to make three rounds evaluation from five products both at home and abroad. At last, RB finger joint stood out from this evaluation. After the replacement project with three RB finger joints with 1360mm and 960mm movement capacity, they function well and remain good condition from the completion till now, Our product completely solves the big problem baffled bridge management departments and local transportation.