For nearly 20 years, Roaby has provided bridge expansion joints, bridge bearings and other traffic safety facilities and services for our clients all over the country. Today, our products are playing a vital role in large-scale bridges and expressways around China.

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Hangzhou Bay Bridge with a length of 36 kilometers is the world"s longest cross-sea bridge. It is located in Hangzhou bay, which is one of the world"s three major tidal bays and is subject to typhoons and tides. Therefore, the bridge expansion joints must meet the requirement of multi-directional large displacement. Especially in the seaspan, the expansion joint is very unique with 400mm designed longitudinal displacement, 100mm lateral (horizontal) displacement, which is equivalent to 0.1 radians horizontal rotation range (horizontal rotation range of large suspension bridge and cable-stayed bridge are generally 0.04 or so). To solve this problem was unprecedented. It is RB finger joint that solves this world-class problem with its outstanding performance.


RB finger joint, with wonderful performances and excellent price, stood out from national and international suppliers and became the only expansion joint applied in Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge.


RB finger joint is working well during operation and is awarded as "Bridge Treasure".


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