Roaby has received high acknowledgements from society in terms of excellent products and sound services. Roaby's innovation achievements have brought great economic and social benefits.

Key Awards


2009 China National Patent Award Golden Prize

China National Patent Award was established by the China National Intellectual Property Office. It approves and co-presents with certificates by the World Intellectual Property Organization. China Patent Award was awarded once every two years with no more than 15 golden prizes.




2007 China National Technology Invention Award Second Prize

China Technology Invention Award was first introduced and awarded by the China State Council. State Council awards certificates to inventors who not only make significant inventions but also bring great economic and social benefits in national technological area. Second Prize for China National Technology Invention Award of the year 2006 was granted to Roaby. It has been the only prize in domestic transportation sector so far.



2008 China National Hi-Tech Enterprise
         China National Key New Product
2007 China First Unit (Set) Product  



Other Awards


China Standard Innovation Award Third Prize 
Ningbo Technological Innovation Model Enterprise

Second Prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Award 
First Prize of Zhejiang Expressway Bridge Expansion Joint Contest 
Special Prize of Ningbo Hi-Tech Innovation
Ningbo Patent Pilot Enterprise 
Ningbo Municipal Engineering (Technology) Center

First Prize of Science and Technology Award of CHTS 
Special Award for Independent Innovation on Outstanding Industries of Ningbo

First Prize of Ningbo Municipal Science and Technology Progress

Zhejiang Hi-Tech Enterprise

First-selected Enterprise of Zhejiang Provincial Key Projects