Through nearly 20 years' operation, development and innovation, Roaby has formed the unique corporate philosophy, which is leading Roaby people to build a more competitive company and even a safer traffic industry.

Core Values:

Intergrity Responsibility Gratitude Harmony Progress


Business Philosophy:

To build up core competitiveness with humanities and technology, to pursue healthy and sustainable development with integrity and steady, to achieve a win-win goal with partners.


Service Tenet:

Professional Efficient Integrity 


Enterprise Vision:

Through constant innovation, to make Roaby the world leader and top supplier of bridge construction and maintenance services.







In Oct.2009, Roaby adopted a new logo.


The new logo is composed of three-color arc-shaped bars, with the shape similar to a bridge. In addition to combination, three color bars also pay attention to overlapping and stretching, which highlights both the industry's attribute and our products' characteristics of safety.


Regarding the shape, stretching and expansion of three color bars symbolize infinite development potential and vigorous vitality, and embody globalization strategy of the company with steadfast pace towards the world market.


In terms of color selection, it mainly uses warm tone and highlights safe, steady and trustworthy characteristics of products and services by virtue of the cozy feeling brought by warm color system.