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1992 Ninghai 11th plastic product factory was founded, which was former Roaby group. The main business covered design and fabrication of petroleum engineering accessories.
1994 The first treadmill belt trial-produced successfully, which became substitute for foreign products.
1995 Factory output value exceeded 5 million Yuan for the first time, and started entering the bridge expansion joint industry due to the seamless expansion joint technology from Chongqing Transportation Research Institute.

The first batch of over 5000 meters of seamless bridge expansion joints was applied to the Shanghai-Nanjing Highway.

1997 Products strategy transformed into self-research and development of bridge expansion joint.
06/1997 Ningbo Lubao Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded at Zhongshan West Road, Ningbo.
12/1998 Structural theory for unit bridge expansion joint formed.
05/1999 The company set its new location in Gaoqiao town, Yinzhou county.
01/2000 Ningbo Lubao Industrial Co., Ltd. renamed as Ningbo Lubao Traffic Facilities Co., Ltd.
06/2001 The theory and structure of "LB unit finger expansion joint with multi-directional displacement capability" (LB finger joint) formed, which marked the transformation from research to design and test.
08/2002 The first LB finger joint produced successfully, two LB finger joints with 240mm movement capacity were applied to Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway in the same year.


With excellent performances, LB finger joint passed Large-scale Accelerated Loading Test by Highway Engineering Test Center of Ministry of Transport of China.
2004 Ningbo Lubao Technology Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Lubao Group) was established in Ningbo free trade zone.
2004 Lubao was ranked as Zhejiang Provincial High-tech Enterprise.
10/2004 China National Bridge Academic Conference was hold in Kunming, Lubao president Mr. Xu Bin made a speech named as LB Unit Finger Expansion Joint with Multi-Directional Displacement Capability, which was the firstacademic report of independent product in domestic expansion joint industry, and marked a great breakthrough in China expansion joint industry.
11/2004 LB finger joint with 1360mm movement capacity was first applied to the maintenance and replacement project in Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge and functions perfectly till today.
01/2005 Lubao moved from Gaoqiao town to Ningbo development zone.
01/2005 Lubao patented product---LB finger joint passed appraisal of new products.
09/2005 For the trend and strategy of internationalization, Lubao renamed as Roaby, LB finger joint renamed as RB finger joint.
04/2006 RB finger joint awarded the first prize of Ningbo Municipal Scientific and Technical Progress.
10/2006 RB finger joint was applied into Chongqing Huanghuayuan Bridge, solving the long term problem that the former ramp expansion joint couldn’t satisfy bridge large vertical displacement.
02/2007 LB (RB) finger joint awarded second prize of 2006 China National Technology Invention Award, which was the first national technology award won by Ningbo city and China transportation system. Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin received praise from Chinese president Hu jintao and Premier Wen jiabao.
03/2007 During the competition with foreign monopoly giants such as Germany Maurer and Swiss Mageba, Roaby won the bid in both Hangzhou Bay Bridge and Huangpu Bridge, which marked Roaby’s top position as an international bridge expansion joint supplier and refreshed the history in China that large bridge applied its domestic product with its own IPR in large quantity for the first time.
06/2007 RB finger joints were installed in Hangzhou Bay Bridge and finished by the end of Dec. 2007, solving the unprecedented large horizontal displacement problem in the ramp of the offshore platform.

As the sole technical exhibitor representing China Bridge Association, Roaby attended the 24th session of the World Bridge Conference in Pittsburgh, USA。

12/2007 RB finger joint was ranked as China Domestic First Set (Unit) Product.
12/2007 Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin was honored with 2007 Outstanding Experts with Breakthrough Contribution in Zhejiang Province.
12/2007 Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin was honored with 2007 Outstanding Entrepreneur of Ningbo.
04/2008 Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin was awarded with Scientific & Technological Innovation Special Award of Ningbo (the highest award in scientific and technology field), and received recognition from Ningbo Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government.
07/2008 RB finger joint was applied in Huangpu Bridge, which is the No.1 bridge in south China. The main bridge adopted RB finger joint with large movement capacity of 1760mm.
07/2008 Industrial standard Unit Finger Expansion Joint with Multi-Directional Displacement Capacity which edited by Roaby, was promulgated and implemented on Nov.1, 2008. RB Unit Finger Expansion Joint with Multi-Directional Displacement Capability took its name from China Association for Engineering Construction Standardization (CECS).
09/2008 Roaby was entitled as Ningbo Patent Pilot Enterprise.
10/2008 Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin was honored with 2007 China Economic New Prominent Figure.
11/2008 RB finger joint was named as China National Key New Product by China Ministry of Science and Technology.
12/2008 Roaby was ranked as China Hi-Tech Enterprise by China Ministry of Science and Technology.
12/2008 Ningbo Roaby Bridge Expansion Joint Engineering (Technology) Center was authorized by Ningbo Science and Technology Bureau.
04/2009 Roaby was awarded Ningbo Technological Innovation Model Enterprise.
07/2009 Roaby president Mr. Xu Bin attended 2008 Science and Technology Award Conference of China Highway Association and made a speech named as RB Unit Finger Expansion Joint with Multi-Directional Displacement Capability.
09/2009 Roaby technical manager Mr.Wangbo was honored with Model Worker in Zhejiang Province. Roaby has always been placing great emphasis on personal training and cultivating with the greatest development opportunity.
12/2009 Minpu Bridge, the world largest span bridge with double tower and double deck, finished its expansion joint project with RB finger joint with movement capacity of 1600mm in main bridge.

2010 Roaby was entitled as National High-tech Enterprise.
08/2011    The design of the largest domestic tensile spherical bearing was approved by experts

03/2012     National largest 10000KN/30000KN Spherical Bearing  was deliverd to the owner unit of Daxie Second Bridge engineering headquater
07/2013   Daxie Second Bridge 10000KN/30000KN Spherical Bearing has been passed in project acceptance

01/2014    RB multi-directional technique of expansion joint is listed in the transport construction technique achievements popularization catalog