XuBin, President of Roaby Group

The history of Roaby is a panorama of contemporary bridge expansion joint development. On it writes new and glorious chapters of breaking foreign large-scale expansion joints monopoly. Each page manifests Roaby's perseverant and innovative spirit of the age. Every detail reflects their assiduous pursuit of missions and responsibilities.

Roaby is an important advocate and promoter of bridge expansion joint renovation in China and beyond. Roaby leads the way in this development. Meanwhile, Roaby is a key supplier and technical supporter of national bridge bearings, noise insulation barriers, traffic safety facilities and bridge maintenance facilities. Roaby's products have been widely applied in highway, railway and urban constructions. Roaby plays a vital role in solving modern city traffic problems and in applying new and innovative technology in products.

Our mission of "meeting customers' needs and providing products and services of high quality as well as profound value" requires Roaby to undertake our social responsibilities, to pursue healthy and sustainable development, and to achieve a win-win goal.

Cares and help from all aspects of our society are indispensable to Roaby's success. We sincerely hope that more business partners will join us onto the road of development of China and the world's transportation industry!